"You Film It"

Are your friends and family full of fun?


Do you think people involved in your wedding day would act more themselves without the professional set up?


Would you like to capture those natural cackles, tears and roars of laughter?

Would you like the cameras the night before? Would you dare 😂 Think of the unique unseen footage this would generate, all the natural happenings which are rarely caught on film.

Then maybe this new and exciting approach may be for you! I will be there from morning to evening to make sure that the battery's are always charged and that the cameras are moved around your guest throughout the day. I will supply good microphones to help capture great audio and be on hand to help make sure things run smoothly.

Once back at the office your footage will be complied and a full "mostly uncut" film will be created for you to share with everyone. This is a truly unique opportunity to show it how it is and allow the full on fun factor to bee seen through the eye and ears on everyone involved.

The cost of this service inclusive £499

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