• Wayne Attew

Southwood Hall Norfolk Wedding Video.

What a day I had with Stephen & Stephanie - Southwood Hall is a place that I also love to visit when filming a wedding video. The first meeting with "mother" was one I will never forget, she had hand made a beautiful framed life story with pictorial and words history of how the couple first met. She expressed to me that reading it would be to difficult during the formal parts of the day so we agreed to include it within there film.

The love, fun, and laughter I saw from this wedding was inspirational when sitting down to edit there film, obviously I could not resist the temptation of some aerial footage of the beautiful surroundings ;) The evening followed by bouncy castle fun, magian, and a live band to get everyone into the party mood. So its time to get amongst all the evening guests and join in the fun (well with camera in hand) I hope you enjoy your trailer highlight.

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