• Wayne Attew

Panasonic to Sony. A change in camera systems for Wedding Films.

I have taken the leap into the mirrorless offerings from Sony. Why? low light noise control is insanely good on the Sony A7sii. Don't get me wrong the GH4 cameras have served me well and to be fair the image quality is amazing, it just come down to the struggle of constantly worrying about lighting scenes, and with weddings it is often the case that you need to think on your toes, you most certainly don't want to miss the opportunity for a good shot! Shooting the Sony at 6400 iso is a breeze and most of my lighting concerns are now a thing of the past.

I do have a future blog in mind reviewing the other new addition to my arsenal "Rotolights" I am also going to update this post with any findings from using the Sony system so I can share my experiences with you. Be sure to check out my latest Norfolk & Suffolk Wedding videos and please feel free to leave your comments. Wayne X

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