• Wayne Attew

Just look at this wedding. That dress!!!

Where to begin sitting here thinking of a perfect day. The day started off nice and early with the bridal preparations 8am, First job Beth Tea or Coffee lol NO bust open the bubbly :) Kelly from Perfection arrived with 2 crazy helpers for hair and makeup and what an awesome job she did as usual. A few happy tears shed with nanny a true inspiration to everyone, but sometimes the enormity of the day fuels a ton of emotions that just have to be released. The fun and laughter soon continued and we began the journey to big moment.

I them made my way over to Whymondham Abbey Norfolk and was blown away by seeing it in all its glory. The ceremony was amazing and Jamie's face when he saw Beth walking down the aisle was priceless.

It was then the partying spirit got under way, with a quick trip outside to grab those gorgeous couple shots, meal, and speeches done, I have never seen a group people hit the dance floor so quickly. Jamie and Beth had hired a Motown singer and boy was he good, Not just good but utterly brilliant. I totally endorse the cost of a true professional entertainer as the guests just love it.

I want to say a massive thank you to you both for allowing to film your special day, it was a day never to be forgotten X

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