• Wayne Attew

Is the DJI Mavic Pro still a good option for film makers?

I have been using the Dji Mavic pro for aerial work for the 15 months now and this is what I think about it today. The Mavic is a worthy drone, stable in high winds, the battery life is incredible, the portability is second to none. Its the drone I always have with.


My but is the camera quality, whist it would do for bloggers, youtube videos and general use its just not Phantom 4 Pro or Inspire. Now I know you may be thinking we no that but I just can't and don't use the Mavic for more serious work WHY? because my Galaxy Note 8 does a better job when it comes to the camera output. Do I recommended the Magic Pro?? Yes for sure but not as a primary and only drone if you are a serious flyer earning money from it. HOWEVER there may be something in the air very soon that may change this. The Mavic Pro 2 - I just can't wait to see what it will bring.

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