• Wayne Attew

A day to remember. The funeral of Olivia touched by angels.

I must admit when I first received the call and was asked to film a funeral I had a mind of mixed emotions. I so wanted to help the family as documenting the service meant so very much to them, but to be honest I am not the strongest of individuals when it comes to feelings, I am a very sensitive person who would struggle with dealing with this kind of thing.

However I started to think about how important it was to the family and friends to film this and thought about my role as a story teller, and decided I was going to do this. I am so glad I did, it was a truly memorable experience, celebrating the life of a person who was beautiful inside and out, it felt more like a thank you to Olivia for everything she was and had done. To show off this amazing person, honestly it was an honour to be part of the incredible lay to rest service of this amazing lady. So much so that if you are looking for a way of creating a ever lasting memory of your loved one, please get in touch.

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